How to remove your Kubernetes container Pod


Once you are done with the job with python container. You can simply release the resources allocated to the Kubernetes pod. It is important because you need to free resources for other users as well and we are using resources from RI.SE and LTU is charged for the resources we book to run containers.

Always remember to switch to the kubernetes icekube context


kubectl config set-context icekube --namespace=ltu-default
kubectl config use-context icekube 
kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=ltu-default

List all the helm chart

To list all the helm chart current installed on the system just simply type the below command.


helm list


It will simply list all the helm charts installed on the system.

List of Helm Charts Installed.
List of Helm Charts Installed.


you can see from the above output, it is the name for which we used the first name with a unique 8 integer digit.

Uninstall the helm chart

Simply use this name to uninstall the helm chart.


 helm uninstall  sumit36124091


Once you issue the helm uninstall the command with the chart name. It will simply release all the resources except PVC, the storage. Thus, your data remains safe.



You can simply reuse or attach the existing storage when you install the new python setup but you have to keep the same chart name, in this case, it is sumit36124091 We are going to discuss it next post.